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Welcome to the Syllabi page

Welcome to our Syllabi page, a comprehensive guide designed to support your educational journey at CaribbeanEducationSolutions. Here, you will find detailed information on the content and structure of each course we offer, as well as key learning outcomes, expectations, and examination requirements for both CSEC and CAPE subjects. 

Our CSEC syllabi cover a wide range of subjects, including Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, English Language, Spanish, History, Social Studies, Integrated Science, Human and Social Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Information Technology, Physical Education, Principles of Accounts, and Principles of Business. Each syllabus is carefully structured to meet the specific requirements of the CSEC examinations while ensuring that students gain a thorough understanding of each subject.

For our CAPE Unit 1&2 offerings, the syllabi delve deeper into more specialized areas such as Pure Mathematics, Integrated Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Information Technology, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Education, Environmental Science, Management of Business, Accounts, Economics, and Entrepreneurship. Designed to align with the CAPE examination expectations, these syllabi are intended to provide a solid foundation for our students as they prepare for higher education and beyond.

Each syllabus is an invaluable tool in your academic journey, providing a clear roadmap of what to expect from each course. It outlines the sequence of topics, major concepts, important skills to be mastered, and the types of assignments and assessments you will encounter. 

At CaribbeanEducationSolutions, we believe that informed students are successful students. Hence, we strive to provide transparent and detailed syllabi to help guide your learning and maximize your success in every subject. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the syllabi and use them as a resource throughout your academic journey with us.


Invest in your child's future. We are more than just teachers, we are academic guides


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