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A librarian on our website serves as a key guide and resource manager, aiding students in their academic journey. Their role is fundamental in organizing, curating, and managing the rich array of digital resources, including textbooks, reference materials, educational videos, and other learning aids related to our CSEC and CAPE subjects.

They are responsible for categorizing these resources in an intuitive, user-friendly manner, allowing students to effortlessly locate the materials they need. By continually updating and expanding our digital library, they ensure that the latest and most relevant resources are always within students' reach.

In addition to these duties, librarians often assist students in research tasks, guiding them to appropriate resources and providing instruction on how to use them effectively. They also answer queries, provide technical support related to the digital library, and ensure the accessibility of materials to all students.

Moreover, our librarians uphold intellectual property rights, making sure all content complies with copyright laws and proper citations are used when necessary.

Essentially, our librarians are academic enablers, playing an integral role in facilitating seamless, effective learning experiences on our website.


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